Detoxing - What are the benefits for following a detox programme

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A quick guide to detox and detoxing

Think of detoxing as giving your body a spring clean.

Detoxing can reduce levels of excess waste and toxins that build up in the body during everyday living. By watching what you eat and drink and following a detox programme you should soon start to see and feel the benefits of detoxing, both in body and mind. However, don't just think that detoxing involves an intese programme lasting 1 or 2 weeks. It is important to think of detoxing as being part of a healthier approach to life and a lifestyle change rather than a "quick fix" programme.

If you have not followed a detoxification programme before and you are considering detoxing for the first time, this page should answer the questions you may be asking about detoxing.

How often should I detox?

This is a very personal question. By that we mean that the answer may be very different for each person as everyone's body, lifestyle and metabolism are different. When you have detoxed you will feel clearer and re-energised. After a detox routing toxins will start to build up again and this feeling will lessen. It's then time for you to detox again.

When should I detox?

Again, the answer to this question is likely to be different for one person than another. The simple answer is probably "detox when you feel you need it". For example you may feel that you will benefit from detoxing after prolonged periods of over indulgence, or before a big event so you look and feel your best. You should ensure that you are not suffering from any illness and it is probably not advisable to detox when you are experiencing a hectic time at work or socially.

Who shouldn't detox?

As mentioned above, it is probably not advisable to detox if you are suffering from any ilness and anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding and children should not detox. It is probably advisable to speak to your GP if you haven;t detoxed before.

Will I be hungry when I am detoxing?

Detoxing doesn't mean dieting! Just because you are detoxing there is not reason to deprive yourself of food. The important thing about detoxing is that you will be eating natural and fresh produce.

What can I eat when I am detoxing?

Drink more fluids - you should aim to drink at least 2 litres of fluids a day, probably water. Eat and drink natural, fresh produce. Good detoxifying foods include fruit (fresh or dried fruit), vegetables (preferably steamed or raw), nuts or pulses and seeds, fish, brown rice, wholemeal bread, olive walnut or sesame oil. garlic, herbal teas and hot water with a slice of unwaxed lemon, fruit juice preferably fresh and not from concentrate and vegetable juice.

Are there any foods that I should avoid when detoxing?

Generally speaking, dairy products, red meat, processed and convenience food, tea, coffee, alcohol, sweets and chocolate. Smokers should also try to stop smoking and avoid smoky environments.

Will I experience any side effects whilst I am detoxing?

People can experience side effects during a detox routine. These can include:

Mild headaches - This can be especially true of people wo regularly drink caffeine and alcohol. The headaches can occur whilst the body is learning to live without chemicals and stimulants. These usually appear on day 2 or 3 of the detox and can last for up to 24hours.

The appearance of spots and other skin blemishes are not uncommon - drinking plenty of water (which you should be doing on your detox anyway) will help.
Increased bowel movements is normal and this is a sign that your body is cleansing itself and ridding itself of toxins.

A furry tongue is also a sign that the body is removing toxins.

Some people may experience dips in energy during the first few days as their body adjusts to less instant energy snacks and processed foods. As we have mentioned before, drink lots of fluid and you may also benefit from making time for relaxation.

  The advice and information on this web site is of general nature. Before embarking on any fitness regime or diet you should speak to your doctor to ensure that there are no health risks involved.