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A quick guide to nutrition


Nutrition can be a very personal subject as the amount of vitamins and minerals, and the amout of calories needed will vary between men, women and children, between age groups and may be dependant on your lifestyle.

For these reasons it may be worth consulting a professional nutritionist.

The term ‘nutritionist’ is not currently protected or governed and so "anyone" (regardless of qualifications, experience and skills) can call themselves a nutritionist.

Having said that, some nutritionists are also registered dietitians so this may be a question worth asking when you enquire about the services provided in your area. Ask if they have been specifically trained to provide individualised dietary advice to people.

The Nutrition Society is the major scientific and professional organisation for nutritionists in the UK. The Society provides professional registration for its members. To be admitted to the register, nutritionists need to demonstrate a minimum of 3 years relevant postgraduate work experience in nutrition and must hold a university degree in nutrition (minimum 3 years full-time study) or a closely related subject e.g. nutrition and food science.

A nutritionist can be found on the Nutrition Society website.

  The advice and information on this web site is of general nature. Before embarking on any fitness regime or diet you should speak to your doctor to ensure that there are no health risks involved.