A hip new hope for joint pain!

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A hip new hope for joint pain!
Even simple activities like gardening and walking the dog can be an agonising experience if you are one of the 13 million people in the UK who suffer from painful joints due to arthritis and related conditions. Now, a new survey has discovered that an astonishing 83% of people fear not being able to maintain an active life as a result of joint pain and osteoarthritis , the most common form of arthritis.

The launch of LitoZin® Joint Health, a new supplement derived from rose-hip containing the active ingredient GOPO®, could be the answer to helping care for joints and the key to active living – especially considering 78%2 of people would prefer to take a natural supplement over medicines and prescription drugs commonly used to treat joint pain.
Joint pain is a sign of arthritis, a condition that can affect anyone at any age. Despite the common prevalence of the condition, a large amount of people underestimate the impact it can have on your life, both physically and socially – the survey of 1,000 people aged 35-55 years found that nearly half of respondents said that suffering joint pain in the future wasn't something that concerned them now!

According to G.P. Dr. Rosemary Leonard, "joint pain can have significant impact on a person's mobility and can become a barrier to doing the everyday activities you take for granted. Over 2 million people visited their GP last year because of osteoarthritis – as the population ages and levels of obesity rise, this figure is only going to increase."

The good news is that there are proactive steps which you can take to reduce joint pain – LitoZin® Joint Health have put together five 'top tips' to help you and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

• Take regular, gentle exercise like walking, swimming and yoga to keep your joint supporting muscles and ligaments strong.
• Alternate periods of heavy activity with a period of well deserved rest. This will help prevent 'wear and tear' to joints due to repetitive stress.
• Maintain your ideal body weight, the heavier you are the more stress you put on your joints.
• Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds and at least two portions of oily fish per week - fresh foods and nuts contain antioxidant nutrients that can help reduce inflammation and protect against cell damage and omega3 can help prevent and manage arthritic conditions.
• Take a supplement containing GOPO®, such as new LitoZin® Joint Health - it will help maintain your joint health and 'active living' for a happier, more fulfilled life.

"GOPO's ability to reduce joint pain, inflammation and the consumption of painkillers, could provide hope for chronic joint pain and osteoarthritis sufferers – along with maintaining an ideal body weight, it may help them to continue living an active life" says Dr. Rosemary Leonard.

Studies have shown that due to its anti-inflammatory properties, GOPO® – the active compound isolated from Rosa canina, a type of rose-hip – is more effective at reducing pain and improving mobility than other supplements for joint pain, such as glucosamine. Studies show that 82% of patients reported a reduction in pain after 3 weeks of active treatment with GOPO® . Taking LitoZin® Joint Health can also decrease the need for pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs by 40-50%, and unlike prescription drugs it has no side-effects.

1 Statistic from the Arthritis Research Council
2 LitoZin® Joint Health Consumer Survey, February 2006 – Pure Profile
3 Scand J Rheumatol 34:302-308, July – August 2005 by Winther, K. Apel, K and Thomsborg,G.

Posted : 08/03/2006 09:29:11

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