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The Health & Fitness Blog is a collection of diary entries, news, gossip and other Health and fitness related information.

The Monopause - Keep your cool
Learn more about the menopause and related topics

If you, your friends or your work colleagues want to learn more about the menopause, it's time to arrange a talk by a leading expert. Norma Goldman, founder of The Menopause Exchange, pharmacist and health promotion specialist, is available for talks, seminars and workshops around the country. You can organise one in your home, workplace, organisation, health spa, health club or local women's group.

The talks are suitable for women at or approaching the menopause, those who have had a premature menopause (before the age of 40) or a hysterectomy or anyone with a general interest in midlife issues. Often, post-menopausal women, who are on HRT or have come off it, attend the talks to obtain information on alternatives to HRT. The talks are also ideal for nurses, pharmacists, health practitioners and journalists.

Every talk provides unbiased, reliable and up-to-date information on all aspects of the menopause, enabling you to learn how to make informed decisions about coping at this time of life. And, because the talks are interactive, you'll also hear about other women’s experiences. The topics covered include:
• General information on the menopause
• Menopausal symptoms
• Prescription drug alternatives to HRT
• Complementary therapies and the menopause
• Nutrition and exercise
• Self-help measures.

Norma Goldman BPharm (Hons) MRPharmS MSc (health promotion) currently presents talks, workshops and seminars in work places, organisations, health spas (e.g. Champneys in Tring), health clubs, exhibitions and women's groups. The Menopause Exchange produces a quarterly newsletter (with articles written by top medical experts) and regular factsheets, and also has its own Ask the Experts panel.

For more information on The Menopause Exchange or to arrange a talk, seminar or workshop, write to The Menopause Exchange at PO Box 205, Bushey, Herts WD23 1ZS, call 020 8420 7245

Posted : 16/03/2006 16:00:32

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