Healthy feet keep you on your toes!

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The Health & Fitness Blog is a collection of diary entries, news, gossip and other Health and fitness related information.

Healthy feet keep you on your toes!
Whether you're relying on them to get you through your morning work out, help you dash to the bus for work in the morning or to chase the kids around the house, healthy feet can play an important role in how we perform in our day-to-day lives.

Leading consultant for the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Mike O'Neill says our feet are pivotal parts of our body – if they are not at their best, our entire body can be affected.

"Feet play an important part in our lives – they balance, they support and they play a key role in our everyday movement. Demands on our feet can cause injuries such as sprained ankles, knee and back pain as well as joint and muscle problems, however, the relationship between our feet and body doesn’t stop there.

"Feet plagued with common everyday conditions such as blisters, corns and athlete's foot can be incredibly frustrating. Athlete's foot for example can cause unbearable pain, itching and redness and is often quite maddening!"

"However", says Mike O'Neill "many of these annoying conditions can be prevented by following a few simple steps."

In a bid to encourage 'healthier feet', Daktarin® have put together the following top tips:

• Make sure you are wearing properly fitted shoes – blisters, corns and calluses are often caused by the impact of wearing shoes that are too small or too big – that includes high heels girls!
• Always wear clean socks or tights! Wearing shoes without socks, particularly when exercising, can cause rubbing and blisters, and dirty socks provide a perfect breeding ground for fungal infections such as athlete's foot
• Stamp out athlete's foot! Use a treatment such as Daktarin® Dual Action Spray Powder that not only treats, but also prevents athlete's foot. Spraying inside shoes and socks can help eliminate any athlete's foot fungi not on the foot.
• Use a foot file, emery board or pumice regularly to keep corns and hard skin under control – it will keep your feet healthy and looking nice!
• Easy exercises – keeping your feet active can help strengthen muscles and increase joint mobility. Try repeatedly rising up on your toes when you are waiting in a queue as this will keep your legs looking good by toning your calf muscles

Prevent unhealthy feet by following the above tips and make sure your feet are 'on call' – for whatever you need them to do!

Posted : 28/03/2006 18:56:26

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