Mums/Babies Raising Awareness of Head Condition

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Mums/Babies Raising Awareness of Head Condition
Plagiocephaly Awareness Week will be launched on Monday 3rd April. This will raise awareness of positional Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome, a term which describes a misshapen skull in babies – a condition that can occur severely in 1 in 15 babies. The objectives of the week are to highlight the lack of support and funding for the condition and to increase awareness of the prevention of Plagiocephaly, in order to minimise its incidence and to allow UK babies the opportunity to grow up with normal-shaped heads.

Cranial Technologies are one of the UK's private treatment providers for Plagiocephaly. To coincide with the Awareness Week, Cranial Technologies has carried out a survey to establish the difficulties many parents have faced when it comes to Plagiocephaly and receiving treatment for their child. 95% of parents who completed the survey were told by their health professional that their baby’s head shape would correct itself in time.

One of the parents who completed the survey comments, "My child's head was extremely severe and due to treatment being started at a later stage, his head will always be slightly flatter at the back. We wish that we had known about treatment at an earlier age."

Charlotte Foale, from Cranial Technologies who make a DOC-band helmet treatment, says “the awareness week provides a great opportunity to educate parents. Most babies wouldn't have to get to the stage of wearing a helmet if Plagiocephaly had been recognised and their parents had been given good advice on repositioning.” Another parent commented, “We received no information or support from our GP or health visitor, they just dismissed it as 'all babies have funny shaped heads'.”

A petition to UK paediatric health professionals asking that they modify their advice so that the incidence of Plagiocephaly in UK infants and children is minimised will be handed in to Downing Street on Monday 3rd April to launch the week. There are many other quotes and case studies available to help raise awareness.

Posted : 30/03/2006 00:09:38

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