Got a Headache? Your Dentist Could Fix It!

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Got a Headache? Your Dentist Could Fix It!
Headaches, migraines, pain behind our eyes, sinus, and even neck and shoulder pain can usually all be fixed by a trip to the doctors. Well, it seems it is actually our dentist who could provide the answer to these common problems.

Pains such as headaches are often classic symptoms of poor dental occlusion – the way your teeth meet when your jaw bites together. So, instead of popping paracetamol or visiting the GP, harmonising your teeth and jaw joints could affect more than just your smile.

Leading UK dentists, The Perfect Smile Studios have developed 'Bite Right' - a pioneering approach to detecting the numerous symptoms associated with inferior dental occlusion and probably the most comprehensive dental assessment available in the UK.

Through specialist assessment and the unique use of a Doppler Ultrasound machine to analyse jaw joints, the Perfect Smile Studios are able to efficiently diagnose problems with a patient's jaw bite. This results in the correction of many of the symptoms associated with misalignment of a bite, as well as establishing a good basis for long-term dental health.

If your jaw is in the wrong position, your jaw muscles have to work harder to compensate, often causing muscle spasm. It is these spasms that can lead to continual headaches, sinus pain and aches in your neck and shoulders.

However, “problems with your jaw bite can result not only in referred pain such as headaches but also serious, long-term dental problems” says Dr. Ashish Parmar of the Perfect Smile Studios.

“'Occlusal' problems can cause tooth misalignment, breaks and fractures of teeth, gum problems, wearing down of teeth through grinding (particularly at night), toothaches with no obvious cause, teeth sensitivity and difficulties in opening and closing your mouth just to name a few. If undiagnosed, this can result in expensive on-going dental bills.

“One of the major problems with incorrect occlusion is that the majority of people who suffer from it don't know they are experiencing problems as a result of an incorrect bite, so it just continues to worsen. However, a 'Bite Right' examination by The Perfect Smile Studios can detect the symptoms of poor occlusion and effectively implement changes to correct the problem.”

There are several techniques The Perfect Smile Studios put into practice to re-establish healthy dental occlusion and long-term dental health for the future.

• Bite appliance therapy– a temporary soft nightguard or hard plastic mouthguard that fits over the top or bottom teeth to avoid grinding and wearing down of the teeth. The appliance must be an exact fit so your teeth meet in a position where your muscles are relaxed
• Teeth adjustment – the position and shape of your teeth can be carefully adjusted to create harmony when your teeth meet together
• Replacement of teeth – missing teeth can cause problems with the overall alignment of your bite, so by replacing teeth with dental implants, a denture or bridgework can re-establish a correct bite

"Assessing the facial muscles, jaw joints and bite pattern of the teeth allows us to offer treatment that improves the overall dental health and wellbeing of a person” says Dr. Parmar.

Posted : 30/03/2006 16:50:39

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