Needle-less anaesthesia arrives at the dentists

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Needle-less anaesthesia arrives at the dentists
The fear of needles and injections leads one out of every 10 people to forego necessary dental work and causes a further one in twelve to cancel.1 Now a new product available to dentists could revolutionise treatment.

Oraqix™ (25/25mg per g periodontal gel [lidocaine, prilocaine]), contains the trusted anaesthesics lidocaine and prilocaine, but its patented formulation means it is delivered without needles. Instead, Oraqix™ is applied to the periodontal pocket2 with a special ergonomic dispenser. And because Oraqix™ is a patented liquid that turns to a gel at body temperature, it means the anaesthetic stays in place for effective absorption.

Clinical studies have shown that the anaesthetic takes effect in just 30 seconds and it doesn't leave the post-procedure numbness of other dental anaesthetics.

Oraqix™ is indicated in adults for localised anaesthesia in periodontal pockets for diagnostic and treatment procedures such as probing, scaling and/or root planing3 (SRP).

This major breakthrough in dental anaesthetics could offer an alternative for the needle-phobic person in need of dental work.

Posted : 04/04/2006 23:07:16

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