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The Health & Fitness Blog is a collection of diary entries, news, gossip and other Health and fitness related information.

Shift pounds in the saddle and help save lives
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is urging you to get your bike out of the shed and get pedalling for its largest fundraising campaign, Help a Heart Week, in June.

This Help a Heart Week (3-11 June) the BHF, the nation's heart charity, wants you to take part in a BHF lifecycle bike ride near you. Not only will your sponsorship help the BHF save and improve the lives of the millions of men, women and children affected by heart disease but you'll be setting yourself a healthy challenge.
June Davison, Cardiac Nurse, at the British Heart Foundation (BHF) said, “Cycling is great for your heart health. It increases the body's demand for oxygen, making the heart and circulation more efficient, and helping to develop stamina. In tandem with these benefits, regular cycling helps you to achieve a healthy weight, lower your blood pressure and improve blood cholesterol levels. The good news is that, even if you're a beginner, your physical health and fitness will benefit straight away.”

The BHF has joined forces with cycling charities CTC and Sustrans to get the UK cycling and fundraising throughout June - you can support the BHF lifecycle in several ways. You could:

- Take part in one of the BHF-organised bike rides taking place all over the UK

- Use Sustrans' National Cycle Network to organise your own bike ride on a route near you

- Get in touch with your local CTC group and cycle with one of their 300 groups across the UK

- Get peddling at a static bike ride in your local gym

However you choose to show your support, the BHF will send you all you need to know to get in the saddle, giving you information on the ways to join the BHF lifecycle, tips and suggestions on how to cycle safely as well as a t-shirt when you sign up.

By getting on your bike and supporting Help a Heart Week you will be providing an essential lifeline to people like Gillian Dowden who suffered a heart attack at 45.

Gillian said, “The medication and care I received saved my life. I feel lucky to be here.”

Jackie Skeel, Head of Fundraising Promotions at the British Heart Foundation said, “Without British Heart Foundation research, thousands of hearts might not be beating today. You can play your part in ensuring this research continues by supporting Help a Heart Week and getting on your bike during the month of June.”

For more information on supporting BHF lifecycle, please call 020 7487 9434

Posted : 08/04/2006 00:35:57

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