Yoga stars flex their muscles in Penzance

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Yoga stars flex their muscles in Penzance
Two of the world's leading yoga experts are set to descend on Penzance to film a DVD of their hottest tips.

David Robson and David Gellineau, who have their own yoga school in Toronto, Canada, are famous for developing a special style of yoga, known as Partner Yoga.

They now teach this, as well as other yoga disciplines such as Ashtanga – favoured by A-listers Madonna and Sting – across the globe.

The DVD, being filmed at The Yoga Farm over the weekend of April 8th and 9th, will supplement their book scheduled for release in April.

Owner of The Yoga Farm, Elizabeth Connolly, said: “I am thrilled to be welcoming the two Davids to the Yoga Farm.

“I've invited them before, having met them in Canada two years ago and attended one of their Partner Yoga workshops, but they are always so busy.

“It's great that they will eventually get to see this beautiful part of the world, it really is a great setting for the filming – overlooking Mounts Bay – and we are all really excited about being involved in the DVD.”

The pair were enlisted last year by Midlands publishers, Public Eye Publications, to add to the impressive list of authors in their 'Greatest Tips In The World' series.

Books to date have included cat and dog tips by TV vet Joe Inglis, of BBC's Vets in Practice fame, and cookery by 'The Big Chef', Peter Osborne among others.

Publishing director at Public Eye Publications, Steve Brookes, said: “The popularity of yoga is increasing tremendously so we knew that we had to include a yoga title in our list.

“In David Gellineau and David Robson we found two of the nicest people and they bring a fresh and dynamic approach to yoga.

“The book is full of words of wisdom for all areas of yoga from two teachers that have travelled the world teaching and learning from the masters. They have managed to hold true to all of the yoga ideals but still produce a book that will raise a smile and make yoga accessible to everyone.”

The book and DVD is aimed at anyone interested in yoga, from beginners to experts, and includes sections on yoga for kids as well as pre and post natal women.

With claims of physical and mental health benefits ranging from improved digestion and breathing to increased memory and concentration, more and more people are trying yoga as a holistic therapy as well as a general fitness regime.

David Gellineau said: “We did not come to yoga with any pre-existing flexibility, great strength, or even particularly good health. Yoga has given us all of these things, and more. It has, without a doubt, changed our lives.

“There is no yogic secret about how to obtain radiant health – you just have to practise. . . And practise, and practise.

“When we first began to practise yoga, we would attend any and all classes and workshops. Over time, and through experience, we became more discriminating.

“We came to understand what made a good class and how to distinguish a powerful teacher from an ineffectual one. We also learned what to do and what not to do when practising in a room full of other people, and a thousand other little details that can make all the difference in a yoga class.

This yoga tips book and DVD is our chance to pass on these discoveries to you.”

The book, 'The Greatest Yoga Tips In The World', will be available from bookshops throughout the UK from April 14

Posted : 08/04/2006 00:41:41

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