Making travelling easier for people with diabetes

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Making travelling easier for people with diabetes
Having diabetes and travelling is easy with new Desang kitbags

Desang Ltd sells kitbags for people with diabetes – estimated at 2 million people in the UK today. The kitbags keep everything in one place, making living with the condition just that little bit easier. And it’s nice-looking too, made of leather, resembling a Filofax. These are properly designed carry cases where diabetics can keep their equipment be they at home or abroad.

Some people are buying a kitbag to organise themselves. Others, to organise a partner or a child and some are buying both models. Many find them very useful for holidays or business travel. Having a professional looking bag not only makes going through customs less of a hassle, but it also fits in with a working lifestyle.

Sue Marshall, founder of Desang Ltd. says, "Like many people, I had a busy life. Like some of them, I had diabetes too, which meant I had to be extra organised. I didn't let having diabetes stand in my way, but as I had to carry around various bits and bobs to control it, I wanted something practical but professional to house it all in. I played around with ideas and researched the size of the market and thought, 'I can't be the only one who could do with this kind of specialised carry case'. It was hardly an overnight insight -- more a gradual realisation that there had to be a role in many diabetic's lives for a kitbag such as the one I ended up designing. Judging by the feedback I've had, I was right.”

The Classic model fits:
• Blood test machine
• Finger pricker
• Spare sensors and lancets
• Two insulin injection pens
• Spare pen refills and needles
• Blood test diary and pen
• Diabetes ID
• It can also carry syringes and insulin bottles.
• Extra space for you to use as you see fit, such as to carry tissues or a hypo treatment.

The Classic: H 23cm; W 17cm; D 5cm; Wt: (when empty): 300g. Made of leather, it costs £39.99.

The Slim model fits:
• Blood test machine
• Finger pricker
• Spare sensors and lancets
• One insulin injection pen
• Spare pen refills and needles
• Blood test diary and pen

The Slim: H 20cm; W 12cm; D 4cm; Wt (when empty): 200g. Made of leather, it costs £29.99

Posted : 05/05/2006 00:19:54

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