Commonwealth hero blasts new diet drug

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Commonwealth hero blasts new diet drug
A new diet drug 'Acomplia' has just been launched in the UK to help treat obesity and improve associated medical conditions, but Olympic and Commonwealth weightlifting champion, David Morgan, has major concerns as to how this drug works and the message it is giving out to a quick-fix generation.

David is the only athlete from any sport among the 71 competing nations in history to win five Commonwealth Games.

As a result of intensive training over a 27 year career, he knows what makes a body work properly.

David expressed his concerns by saying, “The way this drug works is frightening. Blocking the brain's craving signals and suppressing the appetite is by no means a healthy and natural way for effective weight control. Losing body fat and maintaining a healthy weight is not just about eating less, it's also about the quality and variety of the food you eat.

“Using a pill to suppress appetite just makes people eat less of the wrong things which means as well as getting less calories they may also not be getting the vital nutrients the body needs to maintain healthy muscle structure and a strong immune system. In the long term this pill could do more harm than good!”

David strongly believes that there are too many “quick fix” products on the market which are actually setting people back in their quest for fitness. Basic lessons about eating right and working out are the key to looking and being your best.

David says, "As with all things in life there are no short cuts. Just a right way and a wrong way. The right way is based on creating life-long habits and following scientific principles. The wrong way involves people telling you how fast and easy it is to eat anything you like and still lose weight quickly simply by taking a pill regularly.

“We are in the middle of an obesity epidemic and I worry about children who see messages in the media telling them they can get what they want overnight, without putting in any effort. Frighteningly, many adults think the same way. People should be educated from an early age about the importance of eating healthily and I strongly believe that awareness of healthy eating and regular exercise should be made part of the national curriculum in schools.

“It's vital that somebody speaks up - we need to stop this cycle of bad habits now. We should also be spreading a positive message that you do not pay a price for being healthy, you simply enjoy the benefits. You have to earn success - and it's about time somebody said so."

Posted : 05/07/2006 10:49:04

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