Survey reveals Britain is a nation of snackers!

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Survey reveals Britain is a nation of snackers!
A new survey into our eating habits has revealed that we are a nation of snacking addicts, with nine out of ten people eating them all the time and keeping snacks everywhere.

From 3,834 respondents, ten per cent of the people surveyed said they don't eat main meals and just snack continually on junk throughout the day, with women twice as likely to do so as men. Fifty-one per cent admitted they regularly snack on junk food although eating healthily at meal times and only a quarter showed a more health conscious attitude, eating three healthy meals a day and only consuming healthy snacks.

The survey by Panda Licorice also found that the most popular snack stash is the desk drawer, where twenty-six per cent keep their supplies, followed by their handbag and the car. The most popular time for a snack is mid-evening, when sixty-eight per cent - over two thirds - grab some grub.

The nation's favourite snack is the packet of crisps, with forty-seven per cent of the votes, beating favourites such as chocolate, biscuits and sweets. Britain's top ten snacks are below:

1. Crisps
2. Chocolate
3. Biscuits
4. Fruit
5. Sweets
6. Cake
7. Toast
8. Nuts
9. Raw vegetables

In response to the survey results, Panda Licorice has produced an eight page booklet to help educate the public about healthy snacking. Written in conjunction with nutritionist Suzannah Olivier, it explains how snacking can work for you and not against you, if done in the right way. It also gives practical advice for building smart snacking into your daily routine.

For a free copy, simply send your name and address to [email protected] or Panda Snacking Guide, Hamilton House, PO Box 8014, Reading RG6 9DB.

Nutritionist Suzannah Olivier says: "We are clearly a nation of snack addicts. It is natural to snack or "graze" throughout the day but it is important to make healthy choices which are nutritionally positive. The guide to smart snacking provides the information that people need to make informed and sensible decisions about what to eat between meals. It also emphasises that there's no need to feel guilty about snacking, as long as it's done in the right way."

Panda Licorice is a deliciously soft, aromatic licorice that's tasty, healthy and best of all, 99.5% fat free. It has no added colours, salt, artificial flavours or preservatives and with only 100 calories per bar, it won't break those good dieting intentions. The Panda range is available from Holland and Barrett, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Tesco pharmacies, Julian Graves, selected pharmacies and health stores.

Posted : 16/08/2006 07:48:00

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